The First Meeting

We have tried to get Chloe excited about having a baby sister. Whenever she saw her baby cousin, we'd remind her that mommy was having a baby just like her. She was totally on board for having a little sister. Still, she didn't quite get the idea of a baby when she first saw Fiona. She was all smiles, but then with a puzzled expression, she asked Jared, "Daddy is she not walking yet?" She tried to wave to her and told her Grandma, "Grams, she isn't saying hi back." Unfortunately, I think she expected to have a 3 year old baby sister. She is not disappointed though. She is absolutely enamored with Fiona. I don't believe that I have heard her real voice for almost a month now, as it raises 3 octaves whenever she sees her sister. "Ooooh, Baby Fiona... She's so cutie!" I hope it stays this way.


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Our Little Family

Our Little Family

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