Halloween Part II

We had a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone for the great parties! We bobbed for apples, decorated cookies, carved pumpkins, and played charades! We didn't take Chloe trick or treating this year, but there's always next year!Our Star Wars Family
Chloe Yoda
Chloe and Bella, the witch


Halloween kept us busy this year! We were invited to 4 different parties, and had 2 sets of costumes to wear. Chloe loved the idea of pumpkins, though she didn't quite get the carving aspect.Chloe's contribution to the pumpkin carving- scooping out the seeds. Chloe's Backyardigans pumpkin. Pablo and UniquaTyrone Tasha and Tyrone Austin and Pablo Chloe's little Dutch girl costume. Grams provided the hat and klompen, but I made the rest. Our little Dutch family.

Chloe's Birthday Party

We were lucky enough to have a few friends and family join us to celebrate Chloe's birthday. She had a "Gabba" themed party. It was a lot of fun!Chloe's Gabbaland mural.
All the kids got a chance to put on the DJ Lance hat and glasses for a picture. Chloe's cousin, Joshua, did a great job smiling for the camera. Chloe got so many presents from her friends and family. They were all perfect for her. She loved them all! She even had a DJ Lance cake.

It was a lot of fun, but I think she, at times, got a little overwhelmed by all the people that were there for her.

Chloe's Birthday Oct.13th

Sorry it's taken so long for me to put these on! Chloe had a great birthday. We let her do almost anything she wanted. She got a new Red Fraggle doll and we took her to Chick-fil-A that night. I cannot believe that she is 2 already!

Chloe and "New Red" as she has been called for 2 weeks now.
Comparing the 2 Reds
We didn't make her take a nap that day, so she ended up wearing herself out, and falling asleep in the middle of her lunch.
She loved her chicken nuggets and french fries at Chick-fil-A.
She was really nervous about the birthday candles. She didn't even want to attempt blowing them out.
But she did love the cake... well, the icing. I asked her if she wanted some of the cake, after all the icing was gone. She looked at me dead seriously, and answered a flat out "no."

Chloe "the Grown-up"

It always kills me when little kids start to take on the roll as second mommy/daddy. Chloe has been telling her stuffed animals lately, "Nap time. Lay down, be quiet, it's time to sleep." She tries to put diapers on to her favorite ones, explaining that they are stinky. She also takes every opportunity she can to walk around in our shoes... literally.

Our Little Monkey

Yesterday afternoon, I went to get Chloe from her crib after her nap. She didn't think I was moving fast enough, so she started to maneuver herself out of the crib. I spotted her most of the way and thought nothing of it when we laid her down to sleep last night. Chloe, however, is a lot smarter and braver than I give her credit. At 4 am this morning, I heard her crying over the monitor. I stumbled into her room to find her not in her crib, but standing in front of her cd player on the ground. I was nervous to put her back in the crib, thinking she would bounce right back out, so I brought her into our bed. After she had kicked Jared in the head multiple times, he decided that she needed to be back in to crib. She went right to sleep again, and I thought nothing of her acrobatics, again. But sure enough, at 7:30 this morning, she had different plans. I woke up to Jared sternly saying, "Chloe!" Without looking to the side of me, I turned to Jared to ask him what he was doing, knowing that we had put Chloe back in her crib. He pointed to my side of the bed, where I glanced over to see Chloe standing there, innocently watching me sleep. It's just one of those things that is too cute to get mad at her for.
(She starts her descent at about 1 minute into the video.)

Mini Hike

Today we took Chloe on a short hike with Grams and Papa Miller and Becca. Today Becca was her favorite person. She wouldn't let her out of her sight. It took her a second to get used the the water, but she started to explore it on her own pretty soon. It was a decent litte trail that we'd like to do again, but maybe not on such a hot day!

Welcome !

This is our family blog. Amanda, Chloe and I are a happy little family. More posts to come.

Our Little Family

Our Little Family

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