Potty Training: Successes and Failures

We decided to start training Chloe last week... well, to be fair, Chloe decided it was time. I was getting her ready for bath time and I asked her if she was ready to hop in. She said, "No, I wanna pee on the potty." I told her she could. She usually takes off her bottoms, sits on her little potty (does absolutely nothing) then exclaims "All done!" and puts her pants back on, or runs away pants-less, laughing. So imagine my shock when I actually heard a tinkle this time! I thought it might be a fluke, so I continued to get the bath ready, when she told me she was going to use the potty again. Sure enough, she went a second time!
We realized that she was ready, and we needed to jump on this opportunity. The first day, she wet her pants nine times, the second day only twice. She had no trouble sitting on the potty, and didn't fight it at all.
So I thought I was doing great, but that was about as good as it was going to get. She still has at least 2 accidents each day. I need to ask her to go, she wont initiate it yet. Also, I am doing more Lysol-ing, Spot-Shot-ing, and laundry in the past few days than I feel like I ever have in my whole life.
But there is light at the end of the tunnel...
Jared took her out today to run some errands. He tried to get her into some training pants (we wont even attempt underwear when leaving the house) and she threw a fit. She exclaimed "No, Daddy, I wanna wear my big girl panties!"

I guess she's not my little baby anymore!

Tulip Festival and Dutch Days

A few years ago, Jared and I purchased Dutch costumes. Somehow, each year that the Thanksgiving Point Gardens host the Dutch Days, we attend not knowing it to be the Dutch Days. This is disappointing because the Old Dutch Store does a costume contest each year. After seeing the contestants for the past 2 years, we know we would win by a landslide. Anyway, we had a wonderful time. If you have a property membership, I recommend going more than once, with about a week in between visits. Something new blooms or wilts each week. OH! We also had some croquetten, stroopwafels, and cassis. It was delicious, but made me miss the real things!


We were fortunate enough to have both sets of grandparents in town for Easter weekend. That meant that Chloe got 2 Easter egg hunts... lucky girl... not so lucky parents of a sugar-rushed 2 year old! All in all it was a fun, yet relaxing weekend with the family. Chloe had a duckie-themed Easter basket. She got a chocolate duck (above) instead of a bunny, a duckie Pez dispenser, 5 new rubber duckies, a few activity books, and some bubbles.She did a great job finding her purple eggs, though admittedly, she did better with finding her cousin Jacob's eggs.

Our Little Family

Our Little Family

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