Rockband Baby

Chloe loves to play Rockband with Jared. Most times he plays the drums and she takes any and all other instruments. Usually, for no reason at all, she is pants-less as she plays. My Favorite episode was from last year. We were playing at Mark and Chelsey's house, and Chloe was going crazy. I just love this, because you can imagine her in a little, tiny, toddler mosh pit! Of course this time she was shirt-less, rather than pants-less.

Jared's Bithday

March 12, 2010
Jared took the day off work to relax and enjoy being with our family. We had breakfast at Hagermann's- endless french toast and sugar cookies. We played together the rest of the day. That night, Jared and I went out to the SkyBox to watch the Jazz game and have dinner. Of course they offered a brownie dessert that Jared just couldn't resist. Thanks everyone for the great birthday cards, messages, and other great wishes that truly brightened his day!

Photographing a 2 Year Old

We finally got back our prints from Chloe's 2 Year photos. Yes, I know, it's almost 6 months after her 2nd birthday, but in my defense, she is still 2.
We had an interesting time. She found the prop closet and decided to take out everything that she found even the least bit interesting. We allowed some of the props in the photos, but drew the line with items like:
- a blue ABC block
- a foam jack-o-lantern
- a raggedy teddy bear and duck (which for some inexplicable reason needed to be held at the same time)

After taking said items away, things did not quite go as planned.
Note: Random, wooden flowersThis incident occurred right after we took away her bribery sucker. Much to her chagrin, we did not find it complimented the photo.I'm pretty sure this happened when the raggedy bear and duck "went to take a nap." Nothing gets past her.
We actually did get a few really cute pictures of our Chloe, but these are just the ones that I found best represented how the session went. And who knows, maybe these photos will find their way into the scrapbook that I show all her future dates.... right next to the bath pictures.

San Antonio

Chloe and I went with my parents down to Texas to visit my grandparents, who are now living at my aunt and uncle's house. We saw a few of my cousins and had a terrific time catching up and enjoying our family. I think my favorite part of the trip might have been the fact that Chloe didn't end up in the ER this time. :) It's all about the little things, right? My Uncle Rick, Grandpa Miller, and my Dad on my uncle's back porch. He has a beautiful view of the temple. Chloe was instantly in love with my uncle's golf cart. She hopped on it and "steered" every chance she got.So we decided to let her drive... here's how it ended up... My uncle also has a playground in his backyard that Chloe had a blast with. She kept asking my aunt to come watch her slide. My Uncle Rick got the chance to play the "Chalk Game," which Grandma Hansen is all too familiar with. First, Chloe draws a scribble on the chalkboard. Then, who ever is assisting her has to wipe it off as quickly as possible. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Our Little Family

Our Little Family

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