Halloween kept us busy this year! We were invited to 4 different parties, and had 2 sets of costumes to wear. Chloe loved the idea of pumpkins, though she didn't quite get the carving aspect.Chloe's contribution to the pumpkin carving- scooping out the seeds. Chloe's Backyardigans pumpkin. Pablo and UniquaTyrone Tasha and Tyrone Austin and Pablo Chloe's little Dutch girl costume. Grams provided the hat and klompen, but I made the rest. Our little Dutch family.

Chloe's Birthday Party

We were lucky enough to have a few friends and family join us to celebrate Chloe's birthday. She had a "Gabba" themed party. It was a lot of fun!Chloe's Gabbaland mural.
All the kids got a chance to put on the DJ Lance hat and glasses for a picture. Chloe's cousin, Joshua, did a great job smiling for the camera. Chloe got so many presents from her friends and family. They were all perfect for her. She loved them all! She even had a DJ Lance cake.

It was a lot of fun, but I think she, at times, got a little overwhelmed by all the people that were there for her.

Chloe's Birthday Oct.13th

Sorry it's taken so long for me to put these on! Chloe had a great birthday. We let her do almost anything she wanted. She got a new Red Fraggle doll and we took her to Chick-fil-A that night. I cannot believe that she is 2 already!

Chloe and "New Red" as she has been called for 2 weeks now.
Comparing the 2 Reds
We didn't make her take a nap that day, so she ended up wearing herself out, and falling asleep in the middle of her lunch.
She loved her chicken nuggets and french fries at Chick-fil-A.
She was really nervous about the birthday candles. She didn't even want to attempt blowing them out.
But she did love the cake... well, the icing. I asked her if she wanted some of the cake, after all the icing was gone. She looked at me dead seriously, and answered a flat out "no."

Our Little Family

Our Little Family

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