The Conspirator

Though it will come as no surprise to anyone, Jared and I are still shocked daily at how smart Chloe is getting. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.
Tonight she was pestering Jared for gummy bears. She asked him four times, each time getting a "no." After the 4th no, she exclaimed, "...but Mommy said 'yes' !" So, Jared led her into the kitchen where she grabbed the bag. I shot him a confused look and asked why she was getting some, knowing she already had one earlier. He told me about their conversation. I then explained to him that I had never given her permission. We both looked at Chloe and quickly tore the bag away from her.
Not more than 30 minutes later, Jared went out for a jog. Chloe came to sit by me. She asked if she could watch cartoons. I said no and she quickly jumped on me with a "...but Daddy said 'yes' !"
I am still not sure where she has gotten this approach, but she is sure working it hard.


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