Chloe's First Fishing Trip

We had the opportunity to take Chloe out fishing for the first time just this week. We honestly weren't sure how she was going to do. We talked it up a few days in advance. When we woke her up to get her ready (at 6:30am), she sweetly asked Jared, "Daddy, we can go fishing now?" She didn't go back to sleep after getting dressed and on the whole drive down kept asking, "We get out and go fishing now?"
We should have known that she has absolutely no fear. She kept peeking over the side of the boat, even while we were going pretty fast. She wanted to touch every fish that was caught and even started to cry when Jared set one loose before she gave it a poke. She was extremely patient during the times that we were catching nothing and really helpful when we were. She even tried to help Grandpa reel one in. Unfortunately, she did it a little too slowly and the fish got away.
It was a really fun trip. All together, we caught about 20 fish, but only kept one.


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