My Sensitive Girl

My little sweet Chloe sometimes surprises me. She seems tough on the outside, but has a soft little heart.
We were putting her in bed a while ago. Occasionally, if she is just too wound up to go to sleep, we'll tell her a "Princess Chloe" story. It's usually something either Jared or myself will just make up on the spot, hoping with each sentence she'll be that much closer to passing out. Here's how the last one went-

Once upon a time, Princess Chloe and her best friend Dragon were playing in the forest. They stumbled on a golden egg. They looked around, but couldn't figure out where it came from, so they took it home with them.
They waited and waited for the egg to hatch, but soon they fell asleep. After they had fallen asleep, the egg started to crack. It hatched and out came Princess Fiona! She looked around and saw that they were sleeping, so she went to find someone to play with.
She looked and looked, but couldn't find anyone else to play with. She soon realized that she was lost and it was getting dark, so she couldn't remember the way back to Princess Chloe and Dragon. She started to get really sad.

(Insert FULL hysterics from Chloe!)
"Mom!" She said through sobs "I don't want Fiona to be lost. She will be crying. I just want her to be safe."
"Chloe, it's not the end of the story. We have to wait and see what happens." At this point, I started to panic. She rarely really pays attention or gets emotionally vested in these stories. I knew I had to make it good AND FAST. It took me 2 full minutes just to calm her down to hear the rest.

Princess Chloe and Dragon woke up from their nap and saw that the egg had hatched. They looked around but couldn't find anything. Princess Chloe noticed that the golden egg had golden footprints around it. She and Dragon decided to follow the footprints and they soon found Princess Fiona, who had been crying. She was so happy to see Princess Chloe and Dragon. They all went back home and had hot chocolate and cookies. The End.

Now every time she recounts the story, Chloe's favorite part is when they have hot chocolate. She still asks me why Fiona has to get lost. I guess from now on, our stories wont have conflict. English 101 must not have had my 4 year old in mind.


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