Mother Jeeves

I know this dates me, but generally I am the "Ask Jeeves" of my family. Unfortunately, either from mom-brain (which is a scientifically proven thing by the way!) or system over-load, I have been unable to perform my duties lately.

Usually things go something like this-

Jared: Hey, Amanda, who's that actress? The one with the funky feet?
Me: Uma Thurman?
Jared: Yeah, I don't like her...

Chloe (in a very desperate, sad voice): Mom, where is my purple blanket?
Me: It's under your covers.
Chloe: Oh thanks Mom!

Jared: Amanda, what is the name of that actor? The one in the movie I like...
Me: I have no idea what movie or person you are talking about.
Jared: You know, the one where it's winter...
Me: I don't know

Chloe: Mom, where is my other glove?
Me: I don't know. I think you lost it.
Chloe: But why?
Me: I don't know.

I can only hope my abilities will soon recover, otherwise soon our whole family will be unanswered... and probably lost.


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