Three Years???

Where did the time go? I cannot believe that Chloe will be turning 3 years old tomorrow!

Happy Birthday to my little girl!!!

If You Let a Pregnant Woman Get Out of Bed

(Very similar to the cause and effect of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie")

A pregnant woman will toss and turn in the middle of the night. She'll be sore from sleeping on her side all night, but you better not let her out of bed. If you let a pregnant woman get out of bed, she will head straight to the bathroom.
After washing her hands with fruity soap, she will realize she is hungry. She will head to the kitchen to make herself a pre-breakfast bite to eat.
Before taking her first bite, she'll realize that she is not used to eating alone. She will sit down on the couch and turn on the TV for background noise. Soon after, she'll become annoyed/ sad/ shocked/ angry with the story running on the early morning news. She'll want to discuss the story with her husband.
At about that time, she'll realize that it is still very early in the morning and she will still have to chase after a soon-to-be 3 year old. She will clean up her plate and try to climb back into bed, but her sides will still be sore and her throat will start to tickle.
She'll get out of bed and pour a nice glass of ice water. She will start to relax again....

Until she realizes that she needs to use the bathroom.

Our Little Family

Our Little Family

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